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I've started working on a SAI-Editor for TrinityCore a couple of months ago using C# with the .NET 4.5 framework (which means it's Windows only as I'm not bothering with Mono). The application is, of course, opensource.
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Works nice. Been testing for a few days before you posted it.


Thanks a bunch. Feel free to report bugs, feedback and suggestions as I truly appreciate them!


P.S. Is there a big difference in SAI for the database structure between SkyFire and TC? Anything that should be changed in those fields?

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Version 1.3.0 has been released and can be found in the download URL given in the original post. :)
Please keep in mind if you're on version 1.2.0 or up, it will already notify you that there's a new version available and allow you to download it without visiting any websites.
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Version 1.4.0 has been released and can be found in the download URL given in the original post.
- The updater now properly starts when the application reports a new version is available;
- Using the 'Connect' button now also works if the 'Auto connect' checkbox was not checked initially and the user choose new database information after checking it;
- There is now an error shown when the Updater could not be found. Previously, it would just close the SAI-Editor and nothing would happen next;
- The application no longer freezes up when you delete a line that links to multiple lines at once;
- The error thrown when updating couldn't happen because of a WebException is now shown to the user;
- All error messages are now shown on-top of the application in all cases and have to be closed before continuing. This should prevent the user from not seeing the message about a new version because the message appeared in the background;
- The application should run a lot smoother now. It no longer gives a small delay on each new selection that is made (that is, if the fields differ a lot);
- There is no longer a permanent freeze in the application when the user attempts to generate a comment for a smartscript that lost its links in the current session without them being saved;
- When creating a new line that links from another, the parameter fields as well as the event_flags and event_chance will no longer be copied to the new line. This was unintended behavior;
- If there is no internet connection when the application starts, we now run a timer that tries to connect to the internet every 10 minutes. Once an internet connection is found, it checks for updates and (optionally) logs for the survey;
- The connection settings will no longer sometimes be incorrectly reset;
- Add a 'Thanks to' to the About Form;
- Minor clean up in the generated SQL style for the revert queries;
- There is now an Updater for the Updater. It is a simple console application that can't be ran by the user;
- When the SAI-Editor Updater closes, it no longer starts the SAI-Editor if it wasn't initially ran from the SAI-Editor;
- The updater no longer calls the survey script X times, where X would be the amount of files being updated;
- There will no longer be error messages shown to the user in the Updater when there's an instance of the SAI-Editor running while the Updater checks for updates;
- Fix a minor memory leak in the Updater;
- The Updater no longer shows items that don't need to be updated in the list of files to update. This happened when the files were being read while an instance of SAI-Editor was running.



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