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  1. SkyFire

    Earn bitcoin

    Earn free bitcoin
  2. this repack work whith npcbots or PlayerBots??

  3. Buenas alter, estoy montando mi servidor con la version se skyfire, tengo unas dudas respecto a la base de datos, al ingresar al juego veo que esta todo en ingles, tengo que traducir una a una las misiones en la tabla quest_template o tengo otra manera, lo otro cuando apreto la L dentro del juego me sale el registro de misiones pero en ingles eso esta en otra tabla?

    Muchas gracias

    PD: probe traduciendo unas pocas misiones.

    1. SkyFire


      я не говорю по-испански
  4. The answer is no. The project is not dead. I know there hasn't been much activity lately. Been busy with family issues and running a successful business and all this is very time consuming. Now that my mom has passed an most of the estate issues are cleared up I can now devote more time and management to the project. This will not all happen overnight but I would like to make some major changes to the way we operate our project. I am open to new ideas and your input. I have also took on some other community projects. We now operate http://www.private-status.com for reporting quest
  5. Fucking spammers. Guests can no longer post content reports. Thanks assholes for trying to exploit the moderators to clicking on your links to malware sites. Rot in hell!
  6. SkyFire

    Download Links

    Download links are fixed. I deleted all the old unused releases. If you wan an older release contact me in the forum and I will email it to you. Just cleaning up some of the clutter.
  7. SkyFire 6.xx DB Release 2 View File SkyFire 6.xx DB Release 2 All the updates applied current with release hash https://github.com/ProjectSkyfire/SkyFire_6xx/commit/b7d88db390b90c1211728e2b95dd868efd4494d9 Submitter AlterEgo Submitted 12/25/2014 Category 6.xx Releases
  8. SkyFire

    Forum Upgraded

    Working on upgrading the forum. Some thinks may not work right away.
  9. SkyFire

    SkyFire Gifts

    Just had this wild idea. What if we offered some gifts with some SkyFire logos. So I setup a store via cafe press. Before the haters start whining this is not for profit so you can just STFU now. I have been paying for the web server and the forum software out of my own pocket for the last 4 years. All the products are almost at cost. There has never been anyone asking for donations and there will never be any I don't need your money. Any profits if any are made will be donated to a charity of my choice. Here is the link to the store. http://www.cafepress.com/projectskyfire
  10. SkyFire

    Back to 5.x.x

    We decided to resurrect our 5.x.x core due to TC deciding to work on 6.x.x. It's still a great expansion to play around on.
  11. We are dropping support for SkyFire one and SkyFire 4.0.6a to focus on the current patch "5.4.8" and also to work on the upcoming "6.x.x" Versions. You will also notice some changes going on in the forums as well. Like all your avatars have been reset. The forum will also be cleaned and rearranged to make more user friendly. Wiki is set to get an overhaul too.
  12. We are pleased to announce limited support for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.7 Build: 18019. Please submit constructive bug reports in the bug tracker so we may compile a list of stuff to fix. DO NOT USE THE FORUM AS A BUG TRACKER The GitHub repository has a bug tracker.
  13. IRC CHAT irc.rizon.net #project_skyfire  List of IRC clients. Windows: IceChat  -- http://www.icechat.net mIRC      -- http://www.mirc.com  Mac: Colloquy -- http://colloquy.info/ LimeChat -- http://limechat.net/mac/  CORE SOURCES: 4.0.6a core source and Bug tracker. NO LONGER SUPPORTED! https://github.com/SkyFireArchives/SkyFireEMU_406a  5.4.8core source SUPPORTED https://github.com/ProjectSkyfire/SkyFire.548 Â
  14. We can only support SkyFire DB. It doesn't have anything to do with conflicts from other projects. We do not have the time to test each DB project nor do we care. When you make a bug report and you are using another DB other than SkyFire DB it will be closed. We can only troubleshoot our own problems with the core/db if it's ours.
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