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SkyFire DB NG Release 4 is now uploaded

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Release Patch Notes: SkyFire DB NG Release <4> 2012_03_11 -- Quest fixes -- - Some make lemonade, some make liquor (Thx Nomad) - Two by sea - Betrayal at Tempests Reach - Introductions are in Order - Warchief's Command Board for Undercity (And associated quests for 406) (Thx Nomad) -- Misc Fixes -- - Removed sleep (zzz) state from MANY npcs which do not require it (Thx Nomad) - Moonleaf loot template fix (Thx Blizz-Power and Alterego) -- Troll Starting Area -- - All npcs fighting tiki targets are now properly scripted in SAI - Graveyard now implemented and functional -- NPCS -- - Ango'rosh Ogre now has proper creature_text and SAI (Thx AriDev) - Spawns added for Deathstalker Invaders - James Stillair <Gryphon Master> and Hoboair <Gryphon Master> Faction corrections (Thx Blizz) - Removed all creature templates for Non-Blizz-Like vendors (ones generally found at gm island) - Tons of Gilnaes spawn corrections (Thx Blizz-Power and Alterego) -- Added vendors -- -- Kerthunk <Blacksmithing Supplies> (Thx Kiper) -- Cohanae <Leatherworking Supplies> (Thx Kiper) -- Moro Sungrain <Trade Supplies> (Thx Kiper) -- Provisioner Tria <General Goods Vendor> (Thx Kiper) -- Cymerdi <Weapon Vendor> (Thx Kiper) NOTE: The database corrections for this week's release are much smaller than usual. This is due to a big portion of our time this week being devoted to preparing our tables for the upcoming port over of the new conditions system from Trinity. This list will likely be a lot longer in future releases. Raydeon

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We will be releasing real soon. Moved a lot of Gilneas to SmartAI and we will be removing most of the hard codded stuff in the next release. We decided to only publish full databases now because of all the other little kiddy projects taking our work. Yes we know this my screw people using other DB's but that's just the way it is. Just polishing it up now.

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