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Project Overview Page (Panel)


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Coded in html + css3

Download : http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/C1tJaFkx/file.html


Version 2 Overview : Not avaible yet.

In version 2 i use mysqli extension and some secured requests to the database. Here you can get a codeexample :

require_once 'inc/config.php';
require_once 'inc/functions.php';

if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {

	$sin_espacios = count_chars($_POST['username'], 1);

	if (!empty($sin_espacios[32])) {
		echo "The Field <em>username</em> shoud not be blank.. <a href='javascript:history.back();'>Back</a>";
	elseif (empty($_POST['username'])) {
		echo "You have not entered your username. <a href='javascript:history.back();'>Back</a>";
	elseif (empty($_POST['sha_pass_hash'])) {
		echo "You have not entered a password. <a href='javascript:history.back();'>Back</a>";
	elseif (empty($_POST['expansion'])) {
		echo "You have not selected the expansion. <a href='javascript:history.back();'>Back</a>";
	elseif ($_POST['sha_pass_hash'] != $_POST['sha_pass_hash_conf']) {
		echo "The passwords entered do not match. <a href='javascript:history.back();'>Back</a>";
	elseif(!validate_email($_POST['email'])) {
		echo "The email you entered is not valid. <a href='javascript:history.back();'>Back</a>";

	else {
		$username = real_escape_string($_POST['username']);
		$sha_pass_hash = sha_password($username,$_POST['sha_pass_hash']);
		$email = real_escape_string($_POST['email']);
		$expansion = real_escape_string($_POST['expansion']);
		$sql = "SELECT username FROM $logon.account WHERE username = '".$conn->real_escape_string($username)."')"; 
    	$db_erg = mysqli_query($conn, $sql);

    	if (!$db_erg) {
        	die('Invalid request : ' . mysqli_error($conn));

		if ($db_erg->num_rows == 1) {
			echo "The chosen user name has already been registered previously. <a href='javascript:history.back();'>Back</a>";

		else {
			$sha_pass_hash = md5($sha_pass_hash);
			$reg = "INSERT INTO $logon.account (username, sha_pass_hash, email, expansion) VALUES 
				('".$conn->real_escape_string($username)."', '".$sha_pass_hash."', '".$conn->real_escape_string($email)."', '".$expansion."')";
			$db_erg = mysqli_query($conn, $reg);

			if (!$reg) {
				echo "Data entered correctly.";
			else {
				echo "An error occurred and the data was not recorded.";


<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>Skyfire Account Register</title>
	<form action="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ?>" method="post">
		<label>Username :</label><br />
		<input type="text" name="username" size="21" class="inputbox" maxlength="15" /><br /> (Select the username, with which you can login.)<br><br>
		<label>Password :</label><br />
		<input type="password" name="sha_pass_hash" size="25" class="inputbox" maxlength="15" /><br /> (Choose a password you do not use for other accounts for more security) <br><br>
		<label>Confirm Password :</label><br />
		<input type="password" name="sha_pass_hash_conf" size="25" class="inputbox" maxlength="15" /><br />  (Confirm the password you entered earlier)<br><br>
		<label>E-Mail :</label><br />
		<input type="text" name="email" class="inputbox" size="23" maxlength="50" /><br />  (Write a valid email to have more security in your account)<br><br>
		<label>Expansion :</label><br>
			<select class="inputbox" name="expansion">
			<option disabled value ="6">Legion (Not Avaible)</option>
			<option disabled value ="5">Warlords of Draenor (Not Avaible)</option>
			<option selected value="4">Mists of Pandaria</option>
			<option value="3">Cataclysm</option>
			<option value="2">Wrath of the Lich King</option>
			<option value="1">The Burning Crusade</option>
			<option value ="0">Classic</option>

			</select><br>(Select the expansion you want to have in your account. <b>Cataclismo</b>)<br><br>
		<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Registrar" />
		<input type="reset" value="Reset Fields" />


Including a Register Page & Password Change



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