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  2. bootz added a post in a topic Cactus Patcher? <-- the client patcher is in a repo SF.Community tools...
    and read the shout box to the link on how to correctly get you a 406a client.
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    How to properly patch to 406a, windows only

    Attention: this will be nice short and sweet...
    the new 406a installers ready for distro.

    step 1-
    * extract the installer zip to where-ever.
    * click on the wow.exe.
    * let it fully install.
    * run wow.exe again, agree to TOS then close.

    Step 2-
    Note: if you want your locales set for enUS... skip to step 3...
    * open the folder named "WTF" (..Wow.Cata_406a_installerWorld of Warcraft 406WTF)
    * using a text/doc editor, open the file (
    * at the line "SET locale "enUS"" ...replace it with your locale of your choice.
    example: ( SET locale "enGB" )
    * delete every folder/file that is named or has "enUS" in it in the "Data" folder
    (..Wow.Cata_406a_installerWorld of Warcraft 406Data)
    * delete everything in your "Cache" directories as well.
    * reset your client with your chosen locales by Re-running the "Wow.exe".

    Step 3-
    * add "" to "enUS" (or to your newly created locale dir. step 2).
    * you can now edit it the realmlist if you already have a server to join,
    if not leave it, and build/run SkyfireEMU and connect as you normally would.
    the 406a patch data will download (stream) to client while you play.
    Keep in mind to patch your client b4 actually playing.
    the "World of Warcraft 406" can be moved to where ever you want it to go

    ~HF Bootz

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