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So I'm normally capable of creating custom spells and editing DBCs for that matter however 95% of my experience is in 3.3.5a, which obviously is vastly different due to what Cata and MoP changed. I've been trying to make custom spells, and I can't seem to make any, not even a simple spell like a basic attack for whatever reason, it shows that the spell is created in-game but it doesn't work.


No description shows up, no effects work, not a thing. I've triple checked to make sure IDs and all that jazz is correct, but for whatever reason it doesn't create the spell. I'm using WDBX editor, and maybe it's been way too long since I've actually used this thing (I rarely ever use it anymore since Stoneharry came out with his spell editor, and a few other personal tools I've made for other dbcs). 


So if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or maybe a basic process of MoP custom spell creation, that would be great because I've given up.

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