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New Server setup issues

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I have recently compiled from the core from GitHub and was successful at getting the game up and running.  I am hosting the game for a small group of friends who are all interested in playing Mists of Pandaria.  I have some experience hosting and playing on a WotLK private server, so getting this going was not completely new to me, though I am still a Novice!


I tried following the Wiki instructions for installation as close as possible, but found some strange hurdles which I had to overcome, which we can get in to more detail if it seems relevant.


The issue(s) I am facing started almost immediately after starting my server.  I noticed in the server log there were a lot of DB errors.  It appeared to be looking for items and spells which it could not find.  You can find a small snip of my DB errors here:https://pastebin.com/Ba1knVpN


Then, upon logging in and beginning to test things, we quickly noticed that a lot of NPCs were not interactable.  Many skills were broken or not working.  Players were leveling up but not learning spells (such as a paladin learning how to wear plate at level 40).


I tried a few solutions myself, such as dropping the world DB and importing it again from the latest available database available.


Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated

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We know about the tons of DB errors. It's not an issue with dropping the DB. It's just incomplete data that just hasn't been gotten to yet. We are only a tiny team and we all work full time. No need to report DB errors fix them and share them with the community. :)


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