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Some help with quest fixing

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Hello! I've recently downloaded and set a 5.4.8 server using SkyFireEMU, and it's been working decently. I wanted to try my hand at fixing some easy quests with errors, but I hit a huge road bump.


This is the quest I'm trying to fix right now:



The quest requirement is simple, cast arcane torrent on a mana wyrm. I did some searching, and apparently some other DBs have a field called "RequiredNpcOrGo", where the creature and spell to be used should figure, but this database has not those fields in quest_template. After directing myself to quest_objective, I navigated to the quest id of thirst unending, and the object id that figured there wasn't the one belonging to mana wyrm. After this, I reloaded the server and yes, mana wyrm was now marked as quest objective buuut, it only credited on kill, instead of on cast of arcane torrent. I've looked real hard everywhere but to no avail.


Anyone help me out in this one? How can I make the quest credit be awarded when I cast arcane torrent on the wyrm, instead of killing it?


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