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Missing database items


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I recently compiled and setup a skyfire server. I got the most recent database from this site and the server runs smooth. However I noticed a huge amount of items are missing from item_template but if I do .add item then click the link of an item I can add it but that "entry id" for it doesnt exist in the database so there is no way for me to search them or to edit them in the DB am I missing something? it is mostly all the high level gear like pvp and raid gear and random things like foods.

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I tried to use Pastebin.com to post my DBErrors.txt but it's too big for pastebin. So I have no idea if mine is any better than yours. Not even the first DK quest works so I suspect the latest DB is wonky, there are regressions that aren't fixed, or nobody ever cared enough to fix them to begin with. No idea.

I'm not even sure the client I got has all the map data since the extractor errors were too many to hope to investigate that. 5 years away from these EMU projects and they look like they've made little progress.

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