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Some burnout and some come on makes the project go round and round :)

So been bouncing around for a couple months now looking for a project to jump in on. Tried to get on with a couple private servers only to find out they dont cycle thier code back out to the community. Tried on Mangos-cata but the cmakes gave so many errors I gave up before I started. Spent a couple weeks work on TC 4.3.4 before I submitted my first Pull Request only to be told TC 4.3.4 is Closed. Took a few days looking a eAthena but Anime really aint my thing.

Which brings me here. Id prefer to work on 4.3.4 but looks like your Core hasnt gotten that far yet and Im not good enough with the API and sniffs yet to attempt moving it forward. So looks like Ill see what I can add to the 5.4.8 initiative.

If you have a 5.4.8 server running the 5.4.8 code base please send me a private message. I not only enjoy coding but playing as well and REALLY love to play something I coded. Yes I have my own Dev Servers etc. but its not the same.

One Caveat though:

No I will not contribute to a project that took this OPENSOURCE code base and are keeping thier changes private. To me that is Theft. Its not a legal definition its a personnal one so please dont ask. I will consider working on any issue your server has in common with this code base but the fix will go to Github for peer review were your welcome to do whatever you like with it.

That said looking forward to seeing you around and hopefully one day group up together and Kill Hellscream.

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We don't have any kind of private secret code. We only work on this in our spare time. I also can't force anyone to divulge there super secret hacked code from there lame private server nor do we support illegal private servers.

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