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I thought I would start off my first post here by saying hello to everyone. Some years ago I set up a personal private TBC server (AC-Web I think.) Been awhile but I decided I wanted to try it again, (well not TBC but MoP 5.4.8.) I think I still remember most of what was needed to set up a private server, though as I said, it has been awhile and I am sure I have forgotten a few things. Plus I am not sure how many changes there have been since then.

I use Windows 7 and Linux (Debian, Fedora and Mint) both 32bit/64bit, I am also getting ready to attempt to learn C++ (That is the plan anyways, we'll see how that goes.) Yes, I know you dont have to know C++ to set up a private server but if it goes well I can start to do more then just set things up or test things, I can give back a little more.

So hello all and I hope everyone is doing well.

Edit: You know I can't remember if it was TBC or if it was Cata, it has been that long lol

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