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RequiredNpcOrGo broken db?


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Hi there,

I was trying the pandaren starting chain.

Can somebody tell me if it's really broken or I did something wrong with the DB?

First: some objects are missing (Weapon racks), then I can't find  "RequiredNpcOrGo" in quest_template. Is that normal?


I applied all the updated in skyfire5.x.x/sql folder, but some gave me errors like 

ALTER TABLE `quest_template` CHANGE `RewardOrRequiredMoney` `RewardMoney` INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

In this case RewardOrRequiredMoney doesn't exist in quest_template.


I don't know if it's relevant.

Last core, last DB (Downloaded yesterday).

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The weapon racks haven't been spawned, you'll need to do that.

The way quest objectives are handled was recently changed, the required NPC's and GO's for a quest is now stored in the quest_objective table. In saying that you shouldn't need to change it as all quest objectives have been already added to the database.

The RewardOrRequiredMoney column no longer exists and has been replaced with RewardMoney as required money for a quest is now an objective.

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