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Problem with SFDB_full_548.5_2014_08_03.sql


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Initialize data stores...
Some required *.dbc files (1 from 142) not found or not compatible:
./dbc/SpellMisc.dbc exists, and has 25 field(s) (expected 26). Extracted file might be from wrong client version or a database-update has been forgotten.

After importing SFDB_full_548.5_2014_08_03.sql, I keep getting that and worldserver.exe automatically terminated.


I did nothing to the dbc files. It was running before.


What seems to be the problem?



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Ok, while we are on this topic, is there any way to speed up the map extraction process?

It litterally took one whole day for me to finish them up



EDIT: if that is a stupid question or unrelated to the subject, you can close this thread. I have no complain.

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