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Quest Fixing


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I have a vanilla that runs nice - close to retail as I like it anyways.


I like fixing quests - so mine is pretty top notch.


I want to do the same with mop(cata)

Is there atutorial for quests fixing as they do not fix the same as vanilla/wotlk.


I would love to give my zygor a work out

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hI, Thanks for the reply.

In case you missed the title, this is regarding the MoP core (5_XX)

Everything compiled nicely, and was able to log on, fly around etc. but the thing I noticed was there were NO npc's, mobs etc anywhere, and thus no quests. The core and db was from skyfire. Is it just Mop that is like this or does cata suffer from this? I ported over to SW and it was empty there as well.  Because if so, there is no need to report a "bug" as this section of the core may not be implemented as of yet.

If there ARE quests and NPC's, is there another section of skyfire that has a functional(?) db with npc's and mobs?


I used this wiki:



Searching through here ( a few others have the same question) and the reply was a "link" to


I am very proficient at remiding quest for cores zero-3, I get stuck on 4 and 5 as they have a whole new method I don't understand - phasing? i.le. NPC's have more than one ID. A id for accepting quest, and an id for turning in quest etc.. - I notice that was a patern in Cata when that first came out.


In the case of Zero for example, if a quest doesnt work, it may be a NPC is not assigned that quest (quest_involvedrealtion), not flagged, some other issue that is fixable, but the end result is there is one NPC ID to work with and one QUEST ID (example http://www.wowhead.com/quest=30027/the-lesson-of-the-iron-bough if you search that quest in the core, it will yeild over a half dozen ID's for this quest).


That was the guide I was looking for: if anyone had a method for spaning NPC's and mobs and get assign quests to them with the corrisponding NPC ID and matching QUEST ID. Cata seems to have the same standard, and there are quest working, I was just wondering how that is done.


Thanks again!

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