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Importing World Database Question


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I am following the installing Wiki guide for importing the World Database. I was wondering if the git SkyFireDB source location is different or not. I am trying to get mist of pandaria working on my computer. Im also lost of the DBC, MAPS, VMAPS, and MMaps, how do they work.

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i have a problem too

when i use Database_Installer_Updater

after enter my database name and username and password it says:


Lets make a clean database.

 Adding Stored Procedures
import: stored_procs.sql
Stored Procedures imported successfully!

Installing World Data
Importing Data now...

Importing: release_4_75.sql
ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 13: La table 'world_database.access_requirement' n'ex
iste pas
Successfully imported release_4_75.sql

import: Changesets
Changesets imported successfully!

Your current 5.4.8 database is complete.
Please check the SkyFire repository for any world updates "/sql/updates".



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When you say the Structures are you talking about missing fields in the tables? For example the missing 

RequiredNpcOrGo and RequiredNpcOrGoCount   

in the quest_template?  I noticed that in place of that is RequiredSourceItemId1 - 4 instead.

Any eta on the fix AriDev? Just asking. Would be willing to help if I can.


The Structures of the Database are missing there was my fault i used it as a patchfix will update it soon.

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