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Hey everyone, been a while..

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Hey everyone, it's been a while since ive poked around the EMU "Scene"... Back when i was about age 16 to 18 (im now 21) i ran the server EpicWoW (Epicwow.org) and we hit about.. 2,800 players at our peak. We had a custom website, a modified core etc. We used all of them at one point i think.. started on Mangos.. then went to ArcEmu when it wasn't crappy.. then went to trinity.. Now, im over here since it seems no one is even attempting to touch 5.x yet except you guys. So i decided to poke around here.


I got the core compiled last night, and a local server up and running. Seem's were missing quite a few opcodes still xD But hey! It's the latest patch so whatever, nice to meet you all. :P

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Wellcome! I arrive here a few days ago so I will introduce myself too lol.

I'm 22, IT student and always trying to learn and help.


I hope you enjoy majorcyto. If you had a server may be you have web desgin knowledges or some of your friends, I would like to learn or get in touch withsomeone good.


PD. I'm from Spain.

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