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Stuck at custom vendor :(


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Hellow everyone,


I know it's not a big deal question or something that couldn't get "fixed" in faster than 1 or 2 minutes but actually I stuck with this...I don't know what's wrong but the npc sells only to GM's or players with .gm on set.


Please help...I tried so much things like unit_flags or normal flags but nothing changed.  :(


I use Skyfire_5xx


npcflag = 128

faction (A, H) = 7

unit_class = 1

unit_flags = 0

unit_flags2 = 2048


I copied the unit_flags2 from the guild vendor in stormwind but also when I use 0 on unit_class and flags2 nothing happens.

What the hell is wrong ? :3

hotfixtype.jpg vendor.jpg

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frostwolf? are you from molten? XD

I don't know a lot about this, i know that i had a similar problem with an npc, but if you type .gm on you should be able to view that

btw try to delete your cache, and check if there is a value not correct in the db

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No I'm not from Molten...Our whole Server calls "Frostwolf" not only the realm. (because we're playing on this realm on the officials, too and like that name) :3

I cleared my cache and yes gm's can buy from the vendor with no problems but player's should be able, too. :/


My next idea is to remove all items from this vendor and left one in it...then I'll try again. Maybe the're too much items in it?

I'll report later when I'm done testing.

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I'll try this and response later. Thanks in advance for your tip! :)



Your solution hasn't fixed the problem. :(


I'll recheck all values in DB and then try again with one item (T-16 or lower).


/edit 2

I tried my idea with only one item today...It helped! The vendor window opens and I can buy as a player. 

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