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  1. I love you! #nohomo

  2. SkyFire DB 5.4.8 release 9 View File Fixed Database Installation Tool Dump Command for world. Updated mysql and mysqldump executables. Includes all the core updates current with revision https://github.com/ProjectSkyfire/SkyFire.548/commit/dff4f3fc5d883cd5a67008532bc66f2a8e28135d Includes some local changes. Submitter AriDEV Submitted 02/18/2015 Category 5.x.x Releases
  3. ME3 YEAY :)

  4. Tralala :)

    1. criss


      hey pls read my pm thx you

    2. DreyKel


      Hello, do you play Wow? I have wow 5.3.0 and i wanted to install a server to play with my buddies, you can help to me with it for the server. Please (♥)

      Forgiveness for me english. You speak spanish?

      SALU2 DK

  5. AriDEV

    SQL Guidelines

    HOW TO GIVE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE SKYFIRE DATABASE PROJECT: It is most important that suggested fixes in this section do not take an enormous amount of time to check and test, otherwise they are useless if they take up as much time as writing them from scratch by a Dev (hence also a waste of time for you suggesting the fix). METHOD: All the fixes should be done in a "New Ticket" on our tracker: http://www.projectskyfire.org/bugtracker Before being able to a do a ticket you need to register, it's simple: http://www.projectskyfire.org/bugtracker/signup_page.php If any aspect of the fol
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