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  1. Are they completely custom items? If so, set DB2.EnforceItemAttributes to 0 in the worldserver.conf. With it set to 1 (Default), it throws out mismatches and uses just DB2 values.
  2. Not sure on that one. I think your good as long as there is no real-money trading.
  3. Voting systems give points to users who vote, who then can spend those points for in-game rewards. Those will get a private server shut down very fast.
  4. world.playercreateinfo_spell  Or if you just want to give spells to specific characters:  character.character_spell
  5. Extract the DBCs from a v5.4.2 client. You cannot use DBCs from a previous version.
  6. That's what http://www.projectskyfire.org/index.php?/forum/83-community-help-corner/ is for... Community support for unsupported projects.
  7. Ah, I see. Some places it's referenced as 1-4 and 0-3 in others.
  8. http://www.projectskyfire.org/index.php?/forum/83-community-help-corner/ Â That's were MoP questions belong until the core is officially supported. Â Do as gegge said with the updates, but yes, 4 is max GM on SkyFire. If that doens't work, set your GM level to 3 and see if any level 3 commands work. When you say it does nothing, does it say "Unknown command" in chat or in the daemon?
  9. Install the full version of MySQL (if you're running a lite version).
  10. Log into the MySQL console, then: source <PathToFile> (Without the brackets) Â For example: terminal> mysql -u root -proot mysql> USE dbname; (If DB reference is required) mysql> source c:test.sql
  11. Oh wow, how did I miss that field. For some reason I though this was a server online script rather than a players online script, my apologies.
  12. This will only work on a <4.x server as the online field is obsolete in 4.x and since removed.
  13. https://github.com/w...0-%20Sample.exe Just a sample of a parser that I am working on. Select an item ID and it will load the IDs for that item's material, slot, displayid, class, subclass and sheath. The final release will load ALL data for any 4.3.0 item (And if I'm feeling bored, every item prior to 4.3.0 as well). Once released, this program will make making complete item_templates just a single click away. Note: This program DOES NOT contain any copywritten material. It does not use DBCs or anything copywritten. Release ETA: Who the fudge knows. When I'm satisfied. --Current changes (Not in sample) Update: 12/13: - Parses Name - Parses RequiredEnchantingLevel - Handles non-existent (On Wowhead) items properly (Final release will not include those IDs) Update: 12/14: - Flags Parser Coded (Not implemented) - BuyPrice Parser Coded (Not implemented, needs work) Update: 12/15: - ItemLevel Parser Coded - RequiredLevel Parser Coded - ContainerSlots Parser Coded - Delay Parser Coded - Durability Parser Coded - Bonding Parser Coded - Description Parser Coded - damageType Parser Coded - RequiredReputationFaction Parser Coded - RequiredReputationRank Parser Coded - RequiredSpell Parser Coded - RequiredSkill Parser Coded - RequiredSkillRank Parser Coded Update: 01/02: - StatType Parser Coded (Needs rework (May need to preload data))
  14. Newest tool. Completely automated NPC Vendor Data parser. Unfortunately, as of right now, it does not do extended cost, time or anything, just the items. ExtendedCost would be too much of a ***** since I'd need to have all the extendedcost data preloaded into the program. Simply enter the NPC ID and it grabs the ID of every item that vendor sells and spits out an SQL query script. Had to pull out all the stops and waste a couple days to get it working. It was actually not very easy to figure out a way to pull just the item IDs neatly so it can work it's magic. Sometimes it will ask to install Flash, just press no and ignore it. It has to connect to Wowhead in order to get the data. I tested it pretty thoroughly so there shouldn't be any problems but if you run into one, post what you did and what went wrong and when it happened and I'll fix it. There is a problem with dumping the debug output. If you change the directory, it will throw an access violation. I've always had problems with access violations so I doubt that'll be fixed anytime soon. Maybe I'll fully automate it so you can enter an array of NPC ID's and it'll grab the data and actually query your database, but my SQL skills in VBNet suck. Requires .NET Framework 3.5 or Higher. https://github.com/w...0VendorData.exe Warning: If you use Norton, SONOR will delete it. SONAR is the bane of my programming existence, damn thing deletes anything just because not many people have used it. Update 12/28/11: - Working on ExtendedCost.
  15. Just wrote a little tool to easily write SQL script for npc_vendor. https://github.com/willgtl/MyTools/blob/master/Quick%20Vendor.exe It's a basic tool. You just enter an NPC ID, enter the item ID hit enter and it dumps a script into a file, clears the textbox for the item ID and refocuses on it, allowing you to very quickly fire off scripts. I wrote it as one of my tools for making the 4.3.0 DB. Requires .NET Framework 3.5.
  16. Great program. Been using it for a couple weeks now. Just playing around making NPC henchmen, lol. I have yet to notice any bugs.
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