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    SFO - 2.4.3

    From out of the Ashe s, our TBC core has re-emerged, and is now back on the supported cores list. this core is still in limited support phase, until the code has been caught up and stable. When core is given full community support, the community forums section will be re-opened, as well as a bug-tracker. Until then Project is @ our Projects GitHub pages and the public Db is in the downloads section. Feel like helping with the project, Fork and submit a (PR)Pull Request, got something to say... post it on commit comments, see someone on the forums having a hard time ... lend a hand. |Dev Note| Posting to GitHub keep it clean, supportive, and on topic, otherwise comment it will be deleted. Also keep in mind were not all experts at programming some are still beginners, here everyone has a place. That is what the project is for (Educational Purposes), to help teach and to help others learn the selected art of code. There are other projects to use if you just wish to shine your epeen, and troll others you deem under your coding level. On this project you shine by what you commit, and how you help others on this board. We Do not cater to pirate servers, if you need something made custom, go make it yourself, or wait until the sub-forum for custom patches for this core is opened, hell you can even go hug google maybe what you need is there. and above all manage to have some fun. ~Bootz
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    Wiki Updates

    Hey, i have made som updates in the wiki. If you found an issue then just send me a pm and i will fix the issue. If you found wrong informations then also write me a pm. If you have some Style ideas for the wiki, let us know it. Thanks!


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