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  1. We are dropping support for SkyFire one and SkyFire 4.0.6a to focus on the current patch "5.4.8" and also to work on the upcoming "6.x.x" Versions. You will also notice some changes going on in the forums as well. Like all your avatars have been reset. The forum will also be cleaned and rearranged to make more user friendly. Wiki is set to get an overhaul too.
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  2. SkyFire

    Project Information and Links

    IRC CHAT irc.rizon.net #project_skyfire List of IRC clients. Windows: IceChat -- http://www.icechat.net mIRC -- http://www.mirc.com Mac: Colloquy -- http://colloquy.info/ LimeChat -- http://limechat.net/mac/ CORE SOURCES: 4.0.6a core source and Bug tracker. NO LONGER SUPPORTED! https://github.com/SkyFireArchives/SkyFireEMU_406a 5.4.8 Core Source SUPPORTED https://github.com/ProjectSkyfire/SkyFire_548 DATABASE: Database files are only downloadable by forum members. http://www.pro
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  3. SkyFire

    Back to 5.x.x

    We decided to resurrect our 5.x.x core due to TC deciding to work on 6.x.x. It's still a great expansion to play around on.
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  4. We are pleased to announce limited support for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.7 Build: 18019. Please submit constructive bug reports in the bug tracker so we may compile a list of stuff to fix. DO NOT USE THE FORUM AS A BUG TRACKER The GitHub repository has a bug tracker.
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  5. Section I - General Policy: By registering and participating in Project SkyFire Forums discussions you agree to the following code of conduct. If you are unable to agree you have the right not to participate in forum discussions at any time. This is YOUR community. Most people have a common sense feel for what is and what is not appropriate in our forums and you folks generally do a great job of policing yourselves. We do, however, need to have a few set policies for everyone to refer to when the need arises. While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove
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  6. socra2

    5.4.8 Limited Support

    We are pleased to announce limited support for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 Build: 18291. Please submit constructive bug reports in the bug tracker so we may compile a list of stuff to fix. DO NOT USE THE FORUM AS A BUG TRACKER The GitHub repository has a bug tracker.  The master branch is now 5.4.8 - 18291, a branch called 5.4.7 was created as an archive for the old version.  If you need any help, feel free to contact us on irc: irc.rizon.net in the channel #project_skyfire  Support for 5.4.7 has been dropped.  PS: Do not compain that we are no longer working on 5.4.7, it was our own choic
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  7. Section III - Forum Staff Policies and Expectations: Staff duties are based upon the following Dealing with Profanity: Mild profanity/swearing is allowed in the context of general speech. Explicit profanity/swearing is not allowed, and under no circumstances will we allow any profanity to be directed toward another person. If you feel a user is out of line please contact an administration with the details, they will issue a warning to the user.Dealing with spam and potential "jailed" posts: If its a user trying to advertise something move the post to the jail and issue a spam infraction. Po
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  8. Section II - Technical Support Policies: When asking for technical support: * There are no stupid questions. You're not a stupid person simply because you do not know how to do something, or do not have the answer to a question. Everyone was a green user at one point in time. * Try to give information in the title of your post, instead of using a title like "it's broken," use a title that is specific, such as, "Unable to get sound to play in World." A clear title will attract more views to your thread, as it gives a clear indication of the content of the post to the people that are willing
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  9. bootz

    SFO - 2.4.3

    From out of the Ashe s, our TBC core has re-emerged, and is now back on the supported cores list. this core is still in limited support phase, until the code has been caught up and stable. When core is given full community support, the community forums section will be re-opened, as well as a bug-tracker. Until then Project is @ our Projects GitHub pages and the public Db is in the downloads section. Feel like helping with the project, Fork and submit a (PR)Pull Request, got something to say... post it on commit comments, see someone on the forums having a hard time ... len
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  10. Due to some recent abuse of our kindness all users must make account to view the forums. Guests will no longer be permitted to view the forums. If you have any trouble creating an account or receiving an conformation e-mail. Just send a message to admin@projectskyfire.org.
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  11. Fucking spammers. Guests can no longer post content reports. Thanks assholes for trying to exploit the moderators to clicking on your links to malware sites. Rot in hell!
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  12. AriDEV

    SQL Guidelines

    HOW TO GIVE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE SKYFIRE DATABASE PROJECT: It is most important that suggested fixes in this section do not take an enormous amount of time to check and test, otherwise they are useless if they take up as much time as writing them from scratch by a Dev (hence also a waste of time for you suggesting the fix). METHOD: All the fixes should be done in a "New Ticket" on our tracker: http://www.projectskyfire.org/bugtracker Before being able to a do a ticket you need to register, it's simple: http://www.projectskyfire.org/bugtracker/signup_page.php If any aspect of the fol
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  13. We can only support SkyFire DB. It doesn't have anything to do with conflicts from other projects. We do not have the time to test each DB project nor do we care. When you make a bug report and you are using another DB other than SkyFire DB it will be closed. We can only troubleshoot our own problems with the core/db if it's ours.
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